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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now on fox 45 early edition. i did not get a response. >> a mother witnesses her soo's shooting over the phone in jamaica. why it took so long for her to get her son's side. the ravens defeat the what the players did on he field to put them into the first place. european that we know that a large percentage of those are going to have outbreaks.3 dieting based on your dna. why some doctors say it's the best way for you to lose weight.
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good morning. it's monday, november 8th. i'm patrice harris. it's timeeto get a check oo our forecast as we start this new week. meteorologist stove fertig is here wit -- steve fertig is here with what we can expect. good morning. we don't have here, but up in you this england a little bit of snow, the purples and the greens and that isswhere the low pressure moves in north and east. the high pressure is going to bring us a sunny day around here. we are looking forward to unny skies. however, the winds will be pick picking up. there's 30s up there. like in hagerstown at 38 and only 32 in oakland. look for temmeratures to climb to 58 degrees for the high.
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warmer than yesterday but still wind wwth a northwest wind at 10-20 miles per hour and gusting upwards of 30. now for a look at what is happening on the roadwwys, here is candace dold with a check of the roadways. candace, good morning. >> reporter: steve, good morning. so far we havv an accident to -alk on the 895, the crash on the northbound lanes in fact, it's near the beltway. a little bit of attention, no siggificant results as a result of it. take a look at 95. nothing to get in the way, in fact it's shooting sale, sailind northhound stretch and up toward southbound stretch. 11 minutes and 54 milee per hour with an 8 hi 8 minute clip fromp to 795. an 11-minute drive from 795 all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, over to you. thank you, candacee the cop pin state star shot
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two weeks ago is recovering ffom his injuries. dale unn's family hopes that he that could take months of. therapy. his mother who arrived from jamaica to with him. megan with more. >> reporter: for dunn's mother it was ver emotional. she was on the phone with him when her son was suddenly attacked, and shot in the chest. it's a conversation she will never forget. she heard someone approach hhr son at the other end of the son. she yelled her son's name over and over again but there was no response. when she called him back, it went to voice mail. she started calling his friend's frantically. his friends rushed him to the hospital, but his mother couldn't be by his side.ú now finally after proving that her son was in the hospital, she was granted a temporary vis a
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she flew in jamaica thursday, and issjust relieved to find her only son stiil alive. now she is holding out hope that police will catchhthe three sonn responsible, so far no arrestsú have been made. police made the discovery before 3:30 on sunday morning ú%af ove road on stan valley. road. there deeth has been labeled suspicious because there may havv been trauma to the body. homicide investigators are still ú%vestigatiig. police makeean arrest in the robe of an elderly company. phillip anthony scott was taken into custody on saturday afternoon. he assaulted an 80 years old woman earlier that morning, after she dropped her wallet. he eventually ran off, but police were able to track him
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down based on a description from the itnes victim and a witness. israel reyes went missing from new psalmist church on marianne drive in baltimore. he is mentally challenged anyone with information is asked to call (443)984-7385. a howard county raises questions to motivations the an area hospital after doctors pull the plug oo her mother. robert. >> reporter:morris' mother ada,r pneumonia. after a few dayssdoctors wanted to remmve her from the ventilate or. robert was against it and wanted a second opinion,,but her options were limited because her mother was a a ward of the state. she thinks the decision was rushed because of money.
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the hospital says it did everything it could. >> often families become very distraught. >> a hearing hearing morris' case was held saturday afternoon. administrators decided tt give the doctors the okay to remove morris from her ventilate or. a new investigation finds -hat drug addicts ii a baltimore clinic are 3 times more to be deemed mentally ill. it finds that baltimore behavioral incc accounts for 5% of taxpayer funds tatewide. that is because patients are often unemployed homeless and worse off than most drug abusers. the ravens went into sunday's game at m and t bank ssadium facing a miami dolphin team with a 4-0 record on the road but that streak came to an enn as the raven easily walked away with a victory.
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the first drive. game totaled 46 yards and ended with this effort from willis mcgahee. he takes the short path and does the rest himself, 32 yards for the touch down putting the ravens up 32-0. miami was within 3, when max mason. ravens led 4-10, the 4th quarter it goes to receiver bran ton marshal. it taps nto the waiting hands3 of ed reed. he takes the 3rd interception and two games all the way to the miami a team and that led to a field goal as the ravens win 26-10. >> our expectations are not to be okay. our keptations are to be dominant. ray talks it every time he breaks a hu huddle. that is the first week we will enjoy this one for two hours and
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then we go to work on atlanta. >> they came out and had us do some things that we didn't want to do. and a lot of different placeses made a lot of different plays. turn around. they face the falcons in atllnta in a few days as tursday night football resumes. kickoff is scheduled for 20:00 p.m. robert from reisterstown sent us had picture of hhs he was excited for his favorite team after a big play. no matter where you are from, we are looking for you ravens fans to send us photos to show off the purple pride. go to the and click on the community seccion. members of the rock you tube have found what they have found. the band is coming to but sticts go o saltickets go on sale in 3
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hours. joel d smith is live with the3 fans who have camped out. >> reporter: only a few people, 6, 7, 8, i haven't done an official count, but it's not that many. some are waiting across the street as they are trying to buy their time in cars. security will let them do that.ú if you compare that to the bruce springsteen concert. those waited here days at a time. melanie we're calling you first in llne. is that okay. where are yoo from? >> baltimore. >> reporter: what time did you get here yesttrday? >>5:30. what has been the toughest part so far? >> the weather, it's cold. >> reporter: yesterday at 5:30, it was still happening. >> yes. >> reporter: how did you find this was the place to come? >> i don't know. we just knew. we came where the gate was.
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>> reporter: are you surprised that there's not more people. >> yes. >> reporter: how many tickets are you going to get, but i really think that most people are going to get 7 or 8:00. they are get. >> i heard that they held back 6 to 800 seats. theyyshould be okay with that. what is the last time you saw you 2. >> reporter: i have never >> i have never seen them.>> reu think when you heard hey were coming to baltimore. >> thrilled. >> reporter: it's a the first time in the stadium. patrice, it could be the biggest concert of all time. kesny ches chesnee was heree anddthis could top it out. ticket prices. $30 or $250. you can be behind the stage or general admission down below. a
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lot of options with this line, come on down folkss you will get seats. they pulled out seats to make sure that people here will get them. >> there's somebody walking up behind you. get in line, now is the chance. ú%el. thank you. combating world terrorism -hat is whattpresident obama and the india is working to achieve. he says regional instability will only serve to distract -ndia in the rise as a global economic power. >> i elieve that the partnership between the united states and india will be one of the defining parrnerships of the 21st century. we are the two largest democracies in the world, we shareeextraordinary people to people contact, most mportantly we share, of course, a set of3 valuus. >> today the president is expected to hold talks with the prime minister and address india's parliament.
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a budget battle is brewing as the bush era tax cuts are set to expire. as marianne lafferty tells us the president and republlcans say they are willing to work on bipartisanship. >> a tax cut debate at capitol hill suggests a difficult road ahead for congress. president obama interviewed on cbs on sunday, features a permaneet cut for the middle-class but not for the higher earners. >> for folks who are making more than $250,000, you me, steve, the question is can we afford to borrow $700 million. >> that's what it is. >> that is how much it would cost over the course of 10 years to give us an extra tax break. >> reporter: tte bush era tax cuts expire january first unless coogress acts before then. for months democrats argued against extending the tax gains for higher earners pointtng to deficct concerns. thhy say that the extending the
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tax cuts would strain economic -rowth and height enuncertainty. >> you do that on raising taxes on 50% of the small business income, and 25% of the workforce at a time when job creation is just bumping along. >> i don't think higher taxes is going to get anybooy higher. i thiik raises taxes in the worst economy in 25 years is a profoundly bad idea. >> reportee: president obama is open to iscussion, but wants to maintain his footing in this budget battle. >> i am open to you know, finding a way in which, you know, they can meet their principlee and i can meet mine, but in order to do that, i think we do have to answer the question of how we pay for t. >> reporter: the federal debt is roughly $13.7 trillion. and they could hit $14.3 trillion by may. the government can't issue more debt. only be raiseddby
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coming up in the early edition, taking a deep breath for feel who can't anymore. >> she had been a smoker for 30 years. >> the yoga thon raising money for lung cancer researcher. wintery weather in new england. around here, cool but season. windy is going to be the watch word today. we will talk [ male announcer ] dear civic, boy we wish hadn't told you to start looking over your shoulder. ♪
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welcome bbck. it's 5:16 on this monday morning. we are checking our sky watch hd radar, seeing clear skies allooing temmpratuues to drop a bit into tte upper 30s to near 40 degrees range and we are going to keep an eye on things. we are going to see the winds picking up today. that will be the big story. but look at new england. -hat is white. that is mixing as the white pressure is mixing up in3
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bringing a little bit of snow. for us, it will be indicating that the cool air is definitely moving in from the north aad west. 40 degrees is the temperature starting out at the inner harbor with clear skies. the wind is expected to pick up this afternoon. 55 relative humidity and the barometer is falling. 40 degrees is where we start in baltimorr. 42 in d.c. 40 in salisbury. not too bad. 38 degrees in hagerstown. chilly in oakland at the ffeezing mark, 32 there.3 we do have a freeze warning in calvert and kain st. mary's cou, ta will continue to 9:00 a.m. where the temperatures will drop the most. winds at 5-10 miles per hour gusting upwards of 30 to 35. %-low pressure moves off to the north and eaat. high pressure moves up behind it. we get the northwesterly low that ill definitely continue to bring the strong winds. the high will bring us plenty of sunshine, though.
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55 degrees for the high in the eastern shooe with plenty of sun. -he winds gusting to 35. central part of the state enjoying plenty of sunshine, a few clouds mixxng in later in the day. 58 degrees for height temperature with a northwest wind at 20 miles per hour gusting to 30. the western part of maryland should get up to 58 degrees with plenty of sunshhnn, northwest wwnd at 15-25 miles per hour. tonight looking at lear skies, 40 degrees for the overnight low. it will be a windy night though witt the northwest winds still around 15 to 25 miles per houu and looking ahead to the next 7 days. we will see temppratures in the upper 50s to near 60 pretty much each and every day. 58 today and 58 for tomorrow. a few clouds mixing in witt the northerly flow bringing in more moisture. 60 degrees for the high on sunshine througg thursday. the temperature again, nearú 60 degrees. 58 on saturday, mostly sunny and 59 with a few more clouds and about a 30% chance of a shower later in the day. don't orget our veterans, also.
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veterans day on thursday, we want to thank them for all of their service. let's see what happening on the roadways with candace dold who has the traffic edge. canddce. >> reporter: definitely can't forget that. we are talking about what is happening on the roadways and not a bbd drive out there, on many of the main lines. 50 miles per hour, on the main line traveling through whitemarsh. 58 on the jfx and 62 through salisbury traveling in to pikesville. will you find a crash on washington boulevard, it's at patapsco avenue. no lane closures to report as a result of that one. let's taae a look at caton avenue, and there's nothing to get in the way, northbound and southbound lanes very light activity in both directions. on 95 farther down, let's take a live look at 195 and see how thht is shaping up. pretty much the same deal, that traffic is flowing freely, upward to the beltway. ú%eaking of the beltway, we're in the green on the entire west side stretch, movinn through catonsville, let's take a look
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at j
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dons of people in pikesville roll out their yoga mats for a good cause. myranda stephens has more on how they are taking deep breaths for those who no longer can.
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>> reporter: at the baltimore hahebrew congregation innbaltime there's a different kind of spiritual gathering going on. >> never did it but we will try -or my mom and all of thhse peoppe in support of them. >> reporter: for one day the synagogue and social room transformed into a yoga studio forrthe people to participate in the annual yoga breath a thon. >> the goal was to make 100 patients. it makes a lot of sense to me to do something that is about breath for people who don't have breath anymore. >> reporter: rabbi alice a3 orthod the yoga thon, in honor of her mother who had luug caacer two years ago. >> she had smoked for 30 years and two years before she died, she stopped. but as we were told that the lung cancer had aaready started.
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people think we brought it on ourselves, so what i have been saying, okay, i made a mistake. i did something wrong, but do i deserve to die because of this? >> reporter: her mom and cousin both died of lung cancer. she as diagnosed with this she says early detection is keye are no signs. >> we need to learn more about it. we need more research, therefore we need more money. >> reporter: with more than accomplishiig that goal onei in pikesville, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. coming up later on the early edition. running the new york city marathon. how one of the 33 men rescued from a chilean mine fared his first time out. but next, hiring is up in the month
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the economy added 150,000 jobs last month. this is a big improvement over september when the economy lost 41,000 jobs. it's the first gain in 5 months and it more than doubled the number of new jobb that analyst had expected. it's an encourage kurnling signt the pace of the recovery is picking up because the gains came from the private sector. about 8,000 government joos were lost last month as the gofnment is cutting back. the federal government is done the census workers.úfiring of where are the jobs, healthcare
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remains a strong area for hiring. miiing and retaillalso added a significant umber of positions, but despite the up beat hiring news the unemployment raae held steady at 9.6%%is unlikely to change anytime soon. it takes 150,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth. in new york i'm allison cosic. endd with a person getting hit downtown. how it happened. a coppin state track star recovering after an attack. we will talk with the mother who was on the phone with him when he was shot. >> reporter: i'm at m and t bank stadium
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we are going to feel the wind and the cool air. all f the temperatures will be close to normal. looking at hd radar indicating ccear skies, up in new england you see the spinning motion of low pressure up near boston nd albany, new york seeinn light showers there, maybe light ones. 40 degrees in baltimore, 40 in salisbbry, hagerstown


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